Patient Advocacy Services

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Medical and Navigational Assistance

Coordinated care increases the likelihood you will have better outcomes.  Williams Patient Advocacy can provide solutions:

Caregiver support,

Preparation and accompaniment to appointments,

Coordinating 2nd Opinion or facility transfers,

Pre-hospital stay preparation,

Communication & coordination with hospital medical team and more.

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Care Transitions and Eldercare

Researching options is a full-time job!  Williams Patient Advocacy can efficiently research, provide information regarding services, and coordinate those services to:

Transition from hospital to home or skilled nursing facilities,

Transition to Senior, Assisted Living or Nursing Home, 

Support care in the home,

Community Resources.


Insurance and Payer Assistance

As many as 80% of hospital bills contain errors.  Williams Patient Advocacy can:

Review and track your bills,

Communicate directly with hospitals, providers and insurers regarding any bill errors/discrepancies,

Appeal insurance denials.



Do you have a parent living in a long term care facility near the Greater Houston/Galveston area but you live elsewhere?  Williams Patient Advocacy can:

Visit your loved one to check on their well-being, communicate with medical teams, or provide socialization.   Visits can also include facilitated communication with friends and family.

Community Educator

Advocating for a safe hospital stay

CampaignZERO is a national organization focused on educating patients and families on how to stay safe during a hospital stay.   According to a recent study by John Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of common hazards in hospital care, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. 

As a community educator for CampaignZERO: Families for Patient Safety I provide an educational presentation sharing practical knowledge and skills for managing complex hospital care.  Topics include the most common hospital hazards and how to prevent them, when to speak up and what to say, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

These topics and tips are relevant to people of all ages, especially to adults who care for older parents and seniors who have spouses or friends they help in a health crisis.

As a Nurse Practitioner and Professional Patient Advocate, I am passionate about helping others feel prepared, informed and confident in navigating hospital care for the best possible outcomes.  Contact Mechelle to schedule a presentation at your next gathering. 

Looking for a dynamic speaker at your next meeting or workshop?  Call 281-909-7560 to schedule.
Looking for a dynamic speaker at your next meeting or workshop? Call 281-909-7560 to schedule.