Frequently Asked Questions

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I live out of town - can you check on my family member in the hospital or other facility for me?

Yes.  We can visit your family member, communicate with the healthcare team and provide updates to you.  We can be your loved one's advocate even when you can't be physically present.

Can you accompany me to medical appointments?

Yes.  We can help prepare you for appointments ahead of time by: making a complete and accurate list of current medications, compose a list of pertinent questions to ask your provider, and facilitate the discussion at the appointment.  Following the appointment we can provide a summary of discussion including any new diagnoses, treatments or recommendations in easy-to-understand language.

Since Mechelle is a Nurse Practitioner can she provide medical treatment or prescriptions?

No.  Her experience as a Nurse Practitioner is invaluable as your Patient Advocate but she will not provide medical services - that is left to your healthcare team.

Can you drive me to my medical appointments?

No, Williams Patient Advocacy, LLC does not provide transportation, however we can facilitate and arrange medical transportation services in your local community for you if needed.  

Can you reduce my medical bills?

Possibly.  We can review & track your bills and insurance EOB statements, assess for errors or discrepancies, and communicate with hospitals/providers/insurance over any errors/discrepancies found.

Will you help me make healthcare decisions?

You will be responsible for all of your healthcare decisions.  Your advocate will be a facilitator by researching and gathering pertinent information, helping you ask the right questions at appointments, and presenting your options in an easy to understand format to aide your decision making.