Advance Directives

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Advance Directives are legal documents that allow you to document and communicate your decisions about end-of-life for your family/friends and healthcare providers.

  1. Medical Power of Attorney Form gives the person you name as your decision-maker the authority to make health care decisions for you in accordance with your wishes.
  2. Directive to Physicians and Family/Surrogates Form helps you communicate your wishes about medical treatment when you are unable to make your wishes known due to illness/injury.  This is also called a Living Will.

Advance Directive Conversation Starter Kit

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Sometimes just starting the conversation with our loved ones seems daunting...awkward...confusing.

The Conversation Project has put together a great kit to help you do just that - start the conversation.

The kit walks you through several questions/topics to help you narrow down your own answers, and then how to start the conversation with your loved ones.

Go to The Conversation Project to download your own kit and start the conversation!


October 2019 (pdf)